Table 1

Reasons for wearing protective eyewear among players reporting use (n=56)*

Reasons for wearingNo% Players wearing (95% CI)
*n = 1 missing value.
I have knowledge of the risks of eye injury1933.9 (28.6 to 39.2)
I know someone else who has had an eye injury and I do not want to get one myself1526.8 (21.8 to 31.8)
I have had an eye injury before and do not want to get another one1323.2 (18.4 to 28.0)
It is compulsory for me to wear protective eyewear1221.4 (16.8 to 26.0)
Protective eyewear use has been recommended to me1017.9 (13.6 to 22.2)
I need to wear glasses for vision610.7 (7.2 to 14.2)
Other5 9.0 (5.8 to 12.2)