Table 1

Selected characteristics and gun lock usage by law enforcement officers' in a southern city, 1998 (n=72)*

CharacteristicNo (%) using gun lockNo (%) not using gun lockχ2dfp Value
*Three respondents did not answer the gun lock use question. Not all the cross tabulated frequency tables sum to 72 due to missing data. Missing data are not factored in χ2 statistics or percentage estimates.
†For race-ethnicity, the significance test compared whites to blacks, omitting Hispanics.
Should all gun owners should be required to use gun locks?
    Yes21 (84)10 (23)24.271<0.001
Have you had difficulty using the lock?
    Yes1 (4)1 (2)0.1810.669
Do you have children younger than 18 years of age?
    Yes17 (68)12 (27)11.321<0.001
    Male22 (88)38 (90)0.1010.749
    Black19 (76)14 (33)11.721<0.001
    White5 (20)26 (62)
    Hispanic1 (4)2 (5)
Mean (SD) Mean (SD) F
Age32.05 (8.39)33.78 (7.30)1.030.31