Table 3

Risk ratios for very high BACs in relation to drinking variables among fatally injured drivers, 1993*

Drinking variablesZero BACVery high BAC 0.15+ g/dlRisk ratios: very high BAC95% Confidence interval
*Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) and National Mortality Followback Survey, 1993.
Convictions (FARS)
Conviction for driving under influence or while intoxicated 3 years before crash
    Yes8462.72.3 to 3.2
Last month of life
“Was X a problem drinker?”*
    Yes6723.32.8 to 3.8
Last year of life
How often had 5+ drinks at one time
    1+ times/month271054.03.3 to 5.0
    <1 per month/never36890
Quantity-frequency category
    Heavy/very heavy291198.15.9 to 11.1
Driving within 2 hours after having 5+ drinks
    1+ times/month8366.85.0 to 9.2
    Not drinking and driving34547