Table 3

Distributon of E code group by readmission status for discharges with principal diagnosis of injury, 1998

Readmission status
E codeDescription1st AdmissionReadmissionAll discharges% 1st admissions
800–807Railway accidents1021283
810–819Motor vehicle traffic accidents5881603648491
820–825Motor vehicle non-traffic accidents101074108493
826–829Other road vehicle accidents1971107207895
830–838Water transport accidents2061021695
840–845Air and space transport accidents6297187
846–848Vehicle accidents not elsewhere classifiable4034393
850–858Accidental poisoning by drugs, medicinal substances, and biologicals124427127198
860–869Accidental poisoning by other solid and liquid substances, gases, and vapours6331464798
870–876Misadventures to patients during surgical and medical care69219077
878–879Surgical and medical procedures as the cause of abnormal reaction of patient or later complication without mention of misadventure at the time of procedure856826301119877
880–888Accidental falls1907312522032594
890–899Accidents caused by fire and flames2924033288
900–909Accidents due to natural and environmental factors9643299697
910–915Accidents caused by submersion, suffocation, and foreign bodies113337117097
916–928Other accidents137756201439596
929Late effects of accidental injury34356949
930–949Drugs, medicinal and biological substances causing adverse effects in therapeutic use5961561198
950–959Suicide and self inflicted injury3190140333096
960–969Homicide and injury purposely inflicted by other persons2692175286794
970–978Legal intervention15015100
980–989Injury undetermined whether accidentally or purposely inflicted109911892
990–999Injury resulting from operations of war101100
No valid E code7157693
800–999 Total 61639 5860 67499 91