Table 2

Results from ordinary least squares regression on the percentage of a city's crime guns that were originally purchased from in-state gun dealers

Model 1Model 2
Explanatory variablesβ (SE)Standardized βSignificanceβ (SE)Standardized βSignificance
Category A v C state gun sales laws−48.5 (6.6)−0.886 <0.001−37.1 (5.9)−0.678<0.001
Category B v C state gun sales laws−12.8 (5.8)−0.2610.039−4.3 (5.0)−0.0870.402
Ratio of population within 100 mile radius living outside state border in category C state−19.9 (7.5)−0.2390.016−17.4 (5.8)−0.2080.008
Ratio of annual in-migration to total state population−0.413 (2.6)−0.0190.876−0.965 (2.0)−0.0450.637
% Of guns recovered from drug crimes0.548 (0.32)0.1550.1000.114 (0.27)0.0320.676
Proxy for state prevalence of gun ownership0.682 (0.18)0.3770.001
Model statisticsR2 = 0.85Adjusted R2 = 0.82R2 = 0.92Adjusted R2 = 0.89