Table 1

State gun sales laws in effect in 25 Youth Crime Gun Interdiction Initiative cities, overall classification of the set of these laws, and the percentage of the city's crime guns that were first purchased from in-state gun dealers

Category of state's gun sales laws*City, state% Of city crime guns first purchased within the statePermit to purchaseRegistration†Private purchases regulated‡Purchase restrictions: certain misdemeanorsPossession restrictions: youth <21 years oldFingerprint required on purchase applicationMaximum wait >7 daysOne gun/month
*Category A = permit to purchase licensing and registration systems; category B = permit to purchase licensing or registration but not both; category C = neither permit to purchase licensing or registration.
†Includes those states where police retain records of handgun purchases.
‡Permit or background check required for sales through non-licensed dealers.
§Permit issued with law enforcement agency discretion.
ABoston, MA31.4XXXX
Detroit, MI47.5XXX
Jersey City, NJ13.0XXXXX
New York, NY14.0XXXX
St Louis, MO62.9XXXXX
BBaltimore, MD73.0XXXXX
Chicago, IL64.7XXX
Inglewood, CA69.9XXXX
Los Angeles, CA78.0XXXX
Minneapolis, MN74.4XX
Philadelphia, PA66.7XXX
Salinas, CA82.3XXXX
CAtlanta, GA86.0
Birmingham, AL88.3
Cincinnati, OH67.4
Cleveland, OH85.6
Gary, IN89.3X
Houston, TX88.3
Memphis, TN70.8XXXX
Miami, FL90.1
Richmond, VA90.6XX
Milwaukee, WI80.9
San Antonio, TX90.0
Seattle, WA78.1XX
Tucson, AZ89.0