Table 3

Percentage distribution and rates of fatally injured persons by occupational division, and percentage distribution of the population

New ZealandAustraliaUnited States
Occupational divisionInjured* %Rate/100 000Population† %Injured* %Rate/100 000Population† %Injured* %Rate/100 000Population† %
*Percentage of fatally injured persons who were employed in the occupation division.
†Percentage of employed persons in the occupation division.
Managers, professionals, and technicians12.31.932.714.01.835.913.81.529.5
Sales and service workers3.61.412.71.80.518.115.31.925.6
Farming, forestry, and fishing workers39.920.09.830.221.66.415.216.63.0
Trades workers, operators, and labourers41.97.128.753.27.418.952.86.626.2