Table 3

Cost effectiveness estimates by age group (five year outcomes and costs in NZ$ for 2000)

Age 5–12Age 13–18Adults
Number of helmets required1019584999328162
Cost of helmets (a) ($)18079215073125819397
Head injuries averted
    Short stay hospital inpatient16.943.4114.4
    Long stay hospital inpatient1.23.313.8
    Total head injuries averted18.146.8128.2
Total healthcare costs averted ($)2838775110173158
Total societal costs averted (b) ($)47192012790504289602
Cost per head injury averted ($)99903224145396
Benefit:cost ratio (b/a)2.6100.8490.737
Net benefit (societal perspective; b–a) ($)291128−228262−1529796