Table 3

Estimates of agreement (%) on coding of intent and the complete E code for selected mechanisms of injury: computerized hospital discharge data compared with expert review of medical records

*The kappa statistic measure of agreement is scaled to be 0 when the amount of agreement is what would be expected by chance and 1 when there is perfect agreement, adjusted for chance.
†This category includes all mechanisms of injury identified in table 1.
All mechanisms of injury†86.90.83
Intent coding95.30.81
Complete E code66.10.64
    Intent coding99.30.40
    Complete E code66.10.55
Motor vehicle traffic
    Intent coding98.40.00
    Complete E code63.30.60
    Intent coding86.60.72
    Complete E code72.20.67
    Intent coding83.60.73
    Complete E code56.70.50