Table 2

Sensitivity analysis of the effects on the national estimates of modifying key parameters

No of avoidable casesTotal health costs ($, in thousands)
Key parametersFatalitiesHospitalized casesED casesDirectIndirect
ED, emergency department; RR, relative risk. *Baseline scenario assumes NCHS death rates, HCUP rates for any diagnosis of BRHI, NEISS ED rates, RR = 3.23, and discount rate of 3%.
HCUP14 principal diagnosis of BRHI327518599894$68533$1839168
RR = 1.657176367652351$44844$1222911
RR = 6.6754198808129287$103055$2931185
Discount rate of 1%327688499894$81212$3917906
Discount rate of 5%327688499894$81212$1523224
Hospitalization rates based on NEISS2327578099894$72091$2026867
ED rates based on Thompson et al. (1990)17327688489115$79712$2288320