Table 1

Street classification—functional definition and capacity (Long Beach, CA, 1992–95*)

TypeFunctional descriptionStreet capacity(average daily trips)
*Information provided by City of Long Beach Public Works, Traffic Engineering.
Local streetProvide access to adjacent property<5000
Traffic should have a trip end on that street or on a connecting local street orto a collector street
Collector streetServe trips generated by surrounding/adjacent neighborhoods5000–20 000
Through trips with no trip ends within the neighborhood are discouraged
Serve as link between local streets and major traffic carriers
Minor arterialMovement of traffic to neighborhood activity centers and trips between neighborhoods12 000–30 000
Distributor of traffic from major arterials to collector and local streets
Major arterialMajor route for the movement of traffic within the city and for connecting neighboring cities≥30 000
Should serve major activity centers
Regional corridorIntraregional and intercommunity≥30 000–50 000
Should provide the highest capacity and express movement of longer distance trips