Table 2

Observed DUI arrests and computed arrest probability

BAC (%)Estimated vehicles*Observed arrestsComputed P(A1[|]Bj)
*Distribution estimated from the volunteer survey.2
†The seemingly spurious result that the probability of arrest is less at a BAC of over 0.35% than at a BAC of 0.30–0.34% probably arises because the driver who has a BAC over 0.35% will be the driver most likely to be physically unable to undergo a breath test. In the rare cases when a blood test was required, the results were not entered into the Kansas City police computer, from which P(Bj|A1) was obtained.
‡The two breath test refusals have been included in the >0.15% category.
040 00000.000000055
0.01–0.0411 80000.0000013
0.05–0.093 54000.000124
0.10–0.142 36070.00244
≥0.103 54722‡0.0058
≥0.151 18715‡0.0133