Table 2

Agreement between test and retest administrations

Prevalence (%)
QuestionResponseInitialRetestAgreement95% CI
CI=confidence interval; w=weighted.
During the past month, how many times did you ride a bicycle? (n=229)None80.575.7κw=0.670.56 to 0.78
When you rode a bicycle during the past month, how often did you wear a helmet? (among those who rode, n=39)Always33.335.9κw=0.890.77 to 1.0
Nearly always7.77.7
During the past year, how many times were you in a traffic accident in which you were injured and had to be treated by a doctor, nurse, chiropractor, dentist, or other medical person? (n=228)One or more2.22.2κ=0.800.52 to 1.0
In the past year, have you ever seriously thought about trying to hurt yourself in a way that might have resulted in your death? (n=228)Yes5.33.5κ=0.790.59 to 0.99
Within the past year, have you been hit, slapped, kicked, raped, or otherwise physically hurt by someone? (n=227)Yes4.44.4κ=0.790.59 to 0.99
Considering your current partners or friends, or any past partners or friends, is there anyone who is making you feel unsafe now? (n=225)Yes1.82.2κ=0.660.3 to 1.0
In the past year, have the police ever been called to your home because of a fight or argument, no matter who was fighting or who was at fault? (n=226)Yes4.45.8κ=0.860.71 to 1.0
Are there any working revolvers, pistols, or handguns in your home? (n=223)Yes25.124.7κ=0.890.82 to 0.96
Are any of them loaded? (among those with guns, n=51)Yes25.529.4κ=0.800.62 to 0.99