Table 3

Comparison of hip fracture and intracranial injury*; values are number (%) unless otherwise stated

Hip fracture (n=847)Intracranial injury (n=78)Significance (p value†)
*There were no cases with both hip fracture and intracranial injury.
†Demographic and injury outcome differences between persons sustaining a hip fracture or intracranial injury were examined using χ2 tests for categorical data and t tests for continuous data.
‡Three cases had data missing.
§One case had data missing.
Mean age (years)82.380.40.03
Place of injury
    Home417 (49.2)44 (56.4)
    Residential institution320 (37.8)14 (17.9)0.0004
    Other84 (9.9)13 (16.7)
    Unknown26 (3.1)7 (9.0)
Mean injury severity score9.0717.790.0000
    Operations780 (92.4)‡21 (26.9)0.0000
    Intensive care unit treatment21 (2.5)‡28 (35.9)0.0000
    Death in hospital49 (5.8)19 (24.4)0.0000
    Transferred for further treatment176 (20.8)15 (19.2)
    Discharged621 (73.4)§44 (56.4)
Mean length of stay for survivors (days)17.8515.14NS