Table 3

Accidental falls codes

E880Fall on or from stairs or stepsW00Fall on same level involving ice and snow
    E880.0EscalatorW01Fall on same level from slipping or tripping and stumbling
    E880.9Other stairs or stepsW02Fall involving ice skates, skis, rollerskates, or skateboards
E881Fall on or from ladders or scaffoldingW03Other fall on same level due to collision with, or pushing by, another person
    E881.0Fall from ladderW04Fall while being carried or supported by other persons
    E881.1Fall from scaffoldingW05Fall involving wheelchair
E882Fall from or out of building or other structureW06Fall involving bed
E883Fall into hole or other opening in surfaceW07Fall involving chair
    E883.0Accident from diving or jumping into waterW08Fall involving other furniture
(swimming pool)W09Fall involving playground equipment
    E883.1Accidental fall into wellW10Fall on and from stairs and steps
    E883.2Accidental fall into storm drain or manholeW11Fall on and from ladder
    E883.9Fall into other hole or other opening in surfaceW12Fall on and from scaffolding
E884Other fall from one level to anotherW13Fall from, out of or through building or structure
    E884.0Fall from playground equipmentW14Fall from tree
    E884.1Fall from cliffW15Fall from cliff
    E884.2Fall from chair or bedW16Diving or jumping into water causing injury other than drowning or submersion
    E884.9Other fall from one level to anotherW17Other fall from one level to another
E885Fall on same level from slipping, tripping, or stumblingW18Other fall on same level
E886Fall on same level from collision, pushing or shoving, by or with other personW19Unspecified fall
    E886.0In sports
    E886.9Other and unspecified
E887Fracture, cause unspecified
E888Other and unspecified fall