Table 4

The results from the regression models where the main explanatory variables pre-GDL v restricted licence, and pre-GDL v full graduated licence, and the response variables were each of the four driving restrictions

Driving restriction (response variable)Odds ratio*95% confidence intervalp Value
*Adjusted for driver age and gender, and year of crash.
Pre-GDL v restricted licence
    Night-time curfew (10pm to 5am)0.660.50 to 0.860.003
    Passengers (all ages)0.730.56 to 0.950.018
    Young casualties1.010.64 to 1.580.980
    Alcohol suspected0.720.54 to 0.980.034
Pre-GDL v full graduated licence
    Night-time curfew (10pm to 5am)0.770.60 to 0.990.042
    Passengers (all ages)0.980.77 to 1.260.887
    Young casualties0.960.64 to 1.440.838
    Alcohol suspected0.850.65 to 1.130.260