Table 3

Average costs of fatal and non-fatal fire related injuries

Cost categoryAverage cost (1990 $)
*Average ambulance transport cost for non-fatal injuries is based on a 93% transport rate.
†Nineteen per cent of all fatalities were hospitalized.
‡Includes the 50% of fatalities who died at the fire and, thus, incurred no medical costs and the 31% who died during transport or in the emergency room and only incurred transport costs.
Non-fatal fire related injuries (cost per person)
        Medical costs
        Hospital$14 542
        Inpatient physician visits$3 054
        Other medical costs$13 195
        Ambulance transport*$524
    Total medical costs$31 317
    Productivity losses (four months)$7 800
Fatalities (cost per person)
        Medical costs of hospitalized fatality†
        Hospital$103 713
        Inpatient physician visits$21 780
        Ambulance transport$564
    Total medical costs of hospitalized fatality$126 056
    Average medical cost for all fatalities‡$39 185
    Productivity losses$764 797