Table 1

Effectiveness of the LRFIPP in preventing fires and fatal and non-fatal residential fire related injuries

Average number per year
OutcomePre-intervention*Post-intervention†% ChangeNet % change‡Injuries prevented per year
*September 1987 to April 1990.
†May 1990 to April 1995.
‡Per cent change in target area minus per cent change in rest of city.
    Target area224.25171.20−23.66−6.0813.64
    Rest of city693.00571.20−17.58
    Target area6.000.60−90.00−67.044.02
    Rest of city6.755.20−22.96
Non-fatal fire related injuries
    Target area5.251.20−77.14−92.704.87
    Rest of city6.757.80+15.56