Table 2

Hospitalized farm injuries in Canada, April 1990 to March 1995, by primary diagnosis and age group

Age group (% of column)Age group (% of column)
Diagnostic code*Description of diagnostic codeInjuries0–14 (n=513)15–59 (n=2558)60+ (n=971)p Value †Injuries0–14 (n=581)15–59 (n=2780)60+ (n=860)p Value †
*Based on the nature of injury code from ICD-9-CM.25
†p Value: Mantel-Haenszel test for differences in proportions between age groups with adjustment for sex.26
Note: direct comparisons of machinery and non-machinery injury counts should be avoided due to differential rates of case identification.
800–804Fracture: skull100 4.5
805–809Fracture: spine and trunk358 4.7 7.714.10.001353 1.08.512.80.001
810–819Fracture: upper limb63619.316.511.70.00144523.
820–829Fracture: lower limb56815.614.213.00.469637 9.614.620.50.001
830–839Dislocation82 0.8
840–848Sprains/strains of joints and adjacent muscles104 0
850–854Intracranial injury, excluding those with skull fracture17010.5
860–869Internal injury of chest, pelvis, and abdomen125 3.3
870–879Open wound: head, neck, and trunk120 5.3
880–887Open wound: upper limb65510.517.615.60.001153
890–897Open wound: lower limb225 6.6
900–904Injury to blood vessels12 0.2
910–919Superficial injury30 1.6
920–924Contusion with intact skin surface202 5.5
925–929Crushing injury196 4.7
940–949Burns50 0.6
950–957Injury to nerves and spinal cord30 0.6
958–959Certain traumatic complications and unspecified injuries188 3.1
Other190 2.7
Missing1 0 00.10.2311