Table 1

Listing of data elements, categorized according to the Haddon matrix

ChildBicycle (agent of injury)Environment
Pre-event• Previous medical history• Bicycle condition• Condition of road/traffic
• Previous injury history• Fit of bicycle to child• Where child was biking
• Previous riding experience• Conspicuity of bicycle (reflectors)• Street type
• Risk taking behavior• Type of bicycle• Exact address of incident
• Precipitating event
• Conspicuity of child (clothing, reflectors, etc)
Event• Main body parts impacted• Bicycle speed• Surface landed on
• Indication of protective device used• Bicycle part impacted• Motor vehicle/object involved?
• Crash type• Motor vehicle/object description
• Kinematics of child (how child moved upon impact)• Motor vehicle/object speed
• Child traumatic contact points
Post-event• Diagnosis• Damage to bicycle• Pre-hospital care
• Post-crash activity (child action after crash)• Description of damage• Description of pre-hospital care