Table 1

Analysis of variance table for the significant effects (and interactions) on balance control of varying height, surface firmness, and visual reference

RMS AP* swayRMS ML† swaySway areaSway velocity
SoursedfF valuep ValueF valuep ValueF valuep ValueF valuep Value
*RMS AP sway = root mean square anterior-posterior sway.
†RMS ML sway = root mean square medial-lateral sway.
Main effects
    Surface firmness1139.13<0.0001159.64<0.0001162.11<0.0001127.79<0.0001
    Visual reference1198.74<0.000133.73<0.000164.29<0.0001124.49<0.0001
    Height × surface firmness214.81<0.000120.14<0.000143.16<0.000159.24<0.0001
    Height × visual reference273.14<0.00013.08ns71.58<0.000132.93<0.0001
    Surface firmness × visual reference179.45<0.000134.36<0.0001114.66<0.000192.84<0.0001
    Height × surface firmness × visual reference221.53<0.000117.63<0.000160.90<0.000113.29<0.0001