Table 5

Comparison of Canadian WHO-HBSC and Kingston CHIRPP injury records by external cause: place of occurrence, by sex

Population based survey (Canadian WHO-HBSC)Regional injury surveillance program (Kingston CHIRPP)
ICECI codesLocationRecords (%)RankRecords (%)RankSpearman's correlation between data sources: ρ (p value)
*These codes have been replaced with 18,19 in a more recent version of the ICECI.
    1Home20.9221.220.912 (<0.001)
    2Institutional area0.310.50.211
    3Medical service area0.68012.5
    4School, educational area18.3312.43
    5Sports and athletics area35.9140.11
    6Transport area: street/highway13.348.94
    7Transport area: other0.310.50.78
    8Industrial and construction area0.113012.5
    10Recreational/cultural area/building2.56.54.26
    11Commercial area0.2120.310
    13, 14*Other/unspecified4.658.95
    1Home28.0126.220.881 (<0.001)
    2Institutional area0.4100.88.5
    3Medical service area0.
    4School, educational area24.9311.13
    5Sports and athletics area26.9232.81
    6Transport area: street/highway10.347.06
    7Transport area: other0.68.50.411
    8Industrial and construction area0130.112.5
    10Recreational/cultural area/building2.368.15
    11Commercial area0.3110.88.5
    13, 14*Other/unspecified4.3510.44
Spearman's correlation between sexes: ρ (p value)0.953 (<0.001)0.939 (<0.001)