Table 4

Comparison of Canadian WHO-HBSC and Kingston CHIRPP injury records by external cause: activity when injured, by sex

Population based survey (Canadian WHO-HBSC)Regional injury surveillance program (Kingston CHIRPP)
ICECI codesActivityRecords (%)RankRecords (%)RankSpearman's correlation between data sources: ρ (p value)
    1,2Paid or unpaid work4.956.850.979 (<0.001)
    4,5Sports: organized or informal49.8148.11
    8Health care0908.5
    9Vital activity1.470.47
    10Being taken care of0.1808.5
    1,2Paid or unpaid work6.754.850.979 (<0.001)
    4,5Sports: organized or informal41.4140.11
    8Health care0.1808.5
    9Vital activity1.671.37
    10Being taken care of0908.5
Spearman's correlation between sexes: ρ (p value)0.983 (<0.001)1.000 (<0.001)