Table 2

Trend in and distribution of childhood (<5 years age) poisoning hospitalisation by external cause of injury code (E code), Victoria, 1987–88 to 1994–95

E codeDescription of agents covered by E codeFrequency%β (slope)95% CI for β
858.6Respiratory system, smooth and skeletal muscle agents4969.30.05 0.01 to 0.1
850.4Aromatic analgesics4829.10.15 0.11 to 0.19
858.1Systemic agents3276.10.07 0.000 to 0.14
858.7Skin and mucous membrane, ear, nose, throat and dental drugs2805.3−0.09−0.15 to −0.02
858.3Cardiovascular system agents2745.20.02 0.06 to 0.09
853.2Benzodiazepine based tranquillisers2594.9−0.04−0.14 to 0.05
855.5Sympathomimetics (adrenergics)2093.90.03−0.05 to 0.1
863.4Unspecified insecticides1783.30.06−0.01 to 0.12
855.0Anticonvulsant and antiparkinsonism drugs1693.2−0.07−0.13 to −0.01
858.2Agents affecting blood constituents1372.6−0.04−0.11 to 0.02