Table 3

Effects of rear seating positions and type of belt used, all impact directions; FARS, 1988–95

Seat positions and restraint useChildren who diedChildren involved in fatal crashesRelative risk95% CIPer cent change in risk for rear seat or centre rear seat occupants
* Shoulder belts were not required equipment in passenger car rear seats until model year 1990. Many manufacturers equipped passenger cars with rear seat lap/shoulder belts by model years 1988.
Age 0–12, all eligible model years
    Rear outboard seat, all248413 1551.11.02 to 1.19−9
    Rear center seat, all7004083
    Rear outboard seat, any type of restraint105373771.311.14 to 1.52−24
    Rear center seat, any type of restraint1951794
Age 5–12, all eligible model years
    Front seat, used lap/shoulder belt36318350.900.81 to 1.00+11
    Rear seat, no restraint11165088
Age 5–12, passenger cars only, model years 1990–96*
    Front seat, used lap/shoulder belt763561.781.26 to 2.51−44
    Rear seat, used lap/shoulder belt43358
Age 5–12, passenger cars only, model years 1981–87*
    Front seat, used lap/shoulder belt1777651.461.21 to 1.76−32
    Rear seat, used lap belt only1741095