Table 2

Relative risks of dying in a fatal crash by seat position for airbag and restraint status, model years 1990–96; FARS, 1990–96

VariableFront passenger deathsTotal front passengersRear passenger deathsTotal rear passengersFront-to-rear seat relative risk95% CIPer cent change in risk (rear seat)
Airbag status, age ≤12
    Dual airbags1043471519391.861.50 to 2.32−46
    Driver airbag only16065530218001.461.23 to 1.72−31
    No airbags in vehicle386141763936251.551.38 to 1.73−35
Reported restraint use be airbag status, age ≤12
    No airbags
        None14637129511831.581.34 to 1.85−37
        Lap/shoulder belt112584765431.371.05 to 1.79−27
        Child seat471811228371.781.33 to 2.39−44
    Driver airbag only
        None651711435601.491.17 to 1.89−33
        Lap/shoulder belt49261363421.781.20 to 2.66−44
        Child seat1791553651.240.76 to 2.03−19
    Dual airbags
        None4883752762.131.63 to 2.78−53
        Lap/shoulder belt27150132062.851.52 to 5.34−65
        Child seat1139272272.371.28 to 4.38−58