Table 4

Estimated annual trend of emergency department injury presentation rates, Latrobe Valley, Victoria, 1991–96

All injuriesMore severe injuries*
Injury typeRate ratio95% CIRate ratio95% CI
*Those requiring review, referral, observation or admission.
†Injury not targeted by the program except road and work related injuries which were the subject of statewide campaigns over the intervention period.
Home0.9090.900 to 0.9190.9230.910 to 0.936
Playground0.9990.966 to 1.0341.0461.001 to 1.093
Sport0.9680.949 to 0.9870.9970.972 to 1.023
Untargeted†0.9730.957 to 0.9891.0030.982 to 1.024