Table 2

Examples of free texts classified by products and mechanism of burn injury. These were extensively used in interventions e.g. by public health nurses in counseling sessions with parents

Burn typeMechanismFree text descriptor*
*Admitted cases.
ScaldsUpsetting cupsChild upset mother's coffee cup, contents spilled over the abdomen
Child crawled up to table, grabbed father's cocoa cup and upset it
Upset coffee cup while sitting in father's lap
Put hand in cup of hot coffee
Sat at kitchen table, grabbed cup of tea, upsetting it
Just started to walk, pulled table cloth, upsetting coffee cup, was scalded
Upsetting large receptacles with boiling liquid from cooking stovesPulled down pot with boiling egg water from stove*
Pulled down coffee kettle from stove
Played in kitchen, pulled down pot of boiling oatmeal*
Climbed chair close to the stove and pulled down coffee kettle*
Pulled down tea kettle from stove*
Upsetting large receptacles of hot liquid from other placesAlone in kitchen, climbed the table and upset full teapot, scalded*
Playing in living room, upset coffee pot, scalded
Stood besides living room table, upset pot with hot water*
Upset newly boiled cocoa in large pot from table*
From tapClimbed into bathroom sink and was scalded by opening hot water tap*
Was scalded from hot water tap in kitchen
Opened hot water tap and was scalded on left side of abdomen*
She and her twin sister got into bathroom, was scalded from tap*
Contact burnsElectrical ironMother was ironing, turned away for a moment, the child overturned the iron and was burned on hand
Electrical stove for cookingBurned hand on cooker
Electrical stove for heatingPlaced hand on stove
Fell from chair on stove
Placed both hands on living room stove
Sat down on stove, burned buttocks*
Wood or coal burning stove for heatingPlaced both hands on stove, burned both hands
Was burnt on stove
While playing in the hall, was burnt on stove
Open fireMatchesPlayed with matches, pyjamas caught fire*
Siblings played with matches, bedclothes caught fire*
Open fireWhile playing in the yard, the child ran into the open fire*