Table 4

Factors related to respondents feeling that participation was “definitely worthwhile”

Characteristic*No†Definitely worthwhile (%)p Value
*Factors not related to outcome: age of respondent, witness to injury, caretaker of victim at time of event, relationship of respondent to victim, interval between hospital visit and interview, income, injury severity (hospitalized v emergency department), intentionality of injury.
†Includes data for the 1349 respondents with a coded response to the question about whether the interview was worthwhile; totals for each characteristic do not add up to 1349 due to missing data.
Location of injury
    Public non-commercial10053.00.01
    Residential and other116665.3
External cause of injury
    All other causes120363.3
Response of anger to interview
    “A lot” or “A little”10337.9<0.01
    “Not at all”116666.7