Table 1

Self reported helmet fit and risk of head injury in bicycle crashes (percentages)

All (n=1718)Head injured (n=222)Non-head injured (n=1496)Odds ratio* (95% CI)
*Adjusting for crash severity did not produce a significant change in the odds ratio; therefore, crude odds ratios are presented. CI = confidence interval.
    Good2831271.26 (0.91 to 1.75)
    Fair2321.68 (0.61 to 3.98)
    Poor4741.96 (1.10 to 3.75)
    Posterior1318131.52 (1.02 to 2.26)
    Side1211.13 (0.26 to 3.72)
Helmet came off during crash4933.25 (1.82 to 5.75)