Table 4

Multivariate relative risk comparing selected injury characteristics among snowboarders injured to skiers injured in terrain parks only at two western ski areas, 2000–05

% with outcomeMultivariate*
Skiers (N=625)Snowboarders (N=3328)RR95% CI
Type of injury
 Fracture32.241.31.311.14 to 1.50
 Concussion15.514.50.810.65 to 1.02
 Sprain/strain/dislocation40.538.61.020.91 to 1.15
 Abrasion/laceration/bruise25.422.10.810.69 to 0.95
Location of injury
 Head17.015.30.810.69 to 0.95
 Face12.26.20.410.31 to 0.54
 Neck2.72.70.890.50 to 1.58
 Back10.611.31.060.80 to 1.41
 Chest/abdomen3.75.91.651.03 to 2.63
 Lower extremity/hip35.419.50.650.57 to 0.75
 Upper extremity/shoulder29.149.81.661.44 to 1.90
Taken to hospital60.363.51.030.95 to 1.11
  • * Multivariate model includes adjustments for ski area, season, sex, age, ability, helmet use, equipment ownership, ski school, wind, visibility.