Table 2

Multivariate relative risk comparing selected injury characteristics among combined snowboarders and skiers injured in terrain parks to those injured on ski slopes at two western ski areas, 2000–05

% with outcomeMultivariate*
Slopes (N=10828)Park (N=3953)RR95% CI
Type of injury
 Fracture29.739.81.091.03 to 1.15
 Concussion6.514.61.641.44 to 1.88
 Sprain/strain/dislocation56.338.90.870.83 to 0.92
 Abrasion/laceration/bruise20.222.70.970.90 to 1.06
Location of injury
 Head8.915.51.311.16 to 1.48
 Face4. to 1.49
 Neck2. to 1.51
 Back4.911.21.961.67 to 2.29
 Chest/abdomen4. to 1.28
 Lower extremity/hip40.022.00.850.80 to 0.91
 Upper extremity/shoulder41.346.60.920.88 to 0.96
Taken to hospital51.963.01.061.02 to 1.10
  • * Multivariate model includes adjustments for ski area, season, sex, age, ability, helmet use, skis or snowboard, equipment ownership, ski school, wind, visibility.