Table 4

Cost of care, care-seeking behaviour, and ability to work, for disabled and non-disabled respondents

DisabledNon-disabledp Value*
Mean cost of care, US$ (95% CI)39.40 (21.69 to 71.56)20.84 (14.76 to 29.42)0.067
Paid >US$62 for care, %
Sought formal care, %94.670.00.003
Unable to work, %
  • * p Values were calculated with the χ2 test for dichotomous data and the t test for unequal variances with log-transformed continuous cost data.

  • Data are for n=127 injured respondents except for cost data where cost data were not available for three injured respondents (n=124).

  • US$62 is equivalent to the monthly per capita income in Nigeria in 2005 (Source: UNdata).