Table 1

Characteristics of injured people in terms of disability, work loss, functional ability and lost earnings

NumberFrequency (%)
Disability (n=127)
Able to return to work? (n=126)
Days of work lost (for those able to return to work) (n=107)*
 One day1312.1
 2–4 days2220.6
 5–7 days1211.2
 1–2 weeks2321.5
 3–4 weeks1615
 Over 1 month2119.6
Ability to perform ADLs (after disability, n=37)
Job loss (as a result of disability, n=36)
Reduction in earnings? (as a result of disability, n=35)
  • * Only those who were able to return to work were asked the question about number of days missed due to disability.

  • ADLs, activities of daily living.