Table 3

Steps in using the three dimensional Haddon matrix

1Use community needs assessment data to determine the problem in need of intervention
2Define dimension #1 (columns) of matrix as the targets of change (host, agent/vehicle or vector, physical environment, social environment)
3Define dimension #2 (rows) of matrix by delineating the precise event and phases of change (pre-event, event, post-event)
4Define dimension #3 (depth) of matrix by delineating value criteria, defining each in clear terms
5Determine weights to be applied to each value listed in dimension #3
6Brainstorm potential interventions and fill in cells formed by columns and rows
7Organize and/or collect data to permit assessment of each criterion for each intervention under consideration
8Assess each intervention according to its attributes relative to each value criterion
9Conduct overall assessment using weights for each value criterion across the set of interventions and criteria
10Make decisions about best options
11Explain decisions based on criteria applied and assessment of each intervention option according to the criteria
12Document the assessment process to assist in future reanalyses