Table 1

Methodological details of included studies

AuthorLocationAimTheoretical approachSample/populationSample sizeStudy designAnalytical process
Bennett Murphy (2001)19USATo identify to what extent adolescent mothers viewed injury prevention as an essential role of parenting. To examine beliefs about why injuries occur and how they can be preventedUnspecifiedAdolescent mothers. Many African-American17Focus groupThematic analysis (RD)*
Brannen (1992)18USAWhat factors influence use of poison-prevention measures and poison control centre resources in a black, low income, inner-city community?Health belief modelMothers in black, low income, inner-city community32InterviewsThematic analysis (RD)
Brussoni et al (2006)21UKTo bring together scientific evidence of what works in injury prevention, using case study of smoke alarm installation in England‘Kelly et al's’ multistep processHealth practitioners98Focus groups/interviewsThematic analysis (RD)
Carr (2005)22UKEvaluation of an innovative approach to tackling child injury prevention in the homeUnspecifiedLow income mothers in multi-ethnic community3Focus groups/interviewsThematic analysis
Gibbs et al (2005)24AustraliaTo develop an understanding of factors acting as barriers and motivators to parental uptake of child poison safety strategiesGrounded theoryParents of young children65Focus groups/interviewsThematic analysis
Hendrickson (2008)21USATo explore the worries, safety behaviours, and perceived difficulties in keeping children safe at home in a purposive sample of low income mostly non-English-speaking mothers as a foundation for nursing interventionsHealth belief modelLow income mothers, many Hispanic82InterviewsQualitative Content analysis
Mull et al (2001)17USAWhy is serious paediatric injury higher among Hispanics than non-Hispanic whites in the USA?Focused ethnographyLow income mothers, many Hispanic.110Interviews, home observationThematic analysis
Olsen et al (2008)25CanadaTo explore the child safety practices of mothers living in low income situationsEthnographyLow income mothers17Interviews, home observationThematic analysis (RD)
Roberts et al (2004)23UKTo explore barriers and levers to the use of a specific public health intervention: installing smoke alarmsUnspecifiedParents in trial smoke alarm area58Focus groups/interviewsThematic analysis (RD)
  • * RD, researcher-defined, not specified in paper.

  • This process is not widely known; the paper refers to a webpage that no longer exists.