Table 1

Haddon matrix applied to the problem of residential fires caused by cigarettes igniting upholstered furniture

Host (children in home)Agent/vehicle (cigarette, matches, and upholstered furniture)Physical environment (home)Social environment (community norms, policies, rules)
CPR = cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
Pre-event (before fire starts)Teach children not to play with matchesRedesign cigarettes so they self extinguish before ignition of upholsteryLower flammability of structuresImprove efforts to curb smoking initiation Improve smoking cessation efforts
Event (during fire)Teach children to stop, drop, and rollPlan and practice a fire escape route with childrenTeach children not to hide during a fireDesign furniture with materials that are less toxic when burned Design upholstery that is flame resistantInstall smoke detectors Install sprinklers Increase number of usable exitsPass ordinances requiring smoke detectors and/or sprinkler systems Fund the fire department adequately to provide enough personnel and equipment for rapid response
Post-event (after child in injured by fire)Provide first aid and CPR to all family membersDesign heaters with quick and easy shutoff deviceBuild homes with less toxic building materialsIncrease availability of burn treatment facilities