Table 2

Intentional injury hospitalization rates in AI/AN youth by mechanism, Washington State 1990–94

Mechanisms of injuryAI/ANAll racesIncidence ratio95% Confidence interval
Rates expressed as hospital discharges per 100 000 population.
Self inflicted injuries
    All mechanisms42.435.51.190.92 to 1.55
    Cut/pierce4.42.81.580.70 to 3.56
    Poisoning32. to 1.42
    All mechanisms51.119.12.672.10 to 3.40
    Struck by/against14. to 3.47
    Child maltreatment13.14.03.372.09 to 5.42
    Firearm10.23.92.581.51 to 4.42
    Cut/pierce5. to 4.11
Total intentional93.554.61.711.44 to 2.04