Table 1

Summary statistics by deprivation fifth

Deprivation fifthsNo of LSOATotal road length (km) by LSOAAverage road length (km) per LSOATotal traffic-calmed road length (km) by LSOATotal traffic-calmed % by LSOAMean traffic-calmed % by LSOAMedian traffic-calmed % by LSOARange of LSOA % traffic calmedTotal road length (f) by LSOA
Most affluent162730161.7018.54714.802. (0–69.0%)18504.11
Next affluent142728402.8119.90606.582. (0–88.7%)19848.23
Median146317879.3012.22688.403.95.71.698.1% (0–98.1%)12146.27
Next deprived136213309.639.77779.455.97.82.786.0% (0–86.0%)9672.70
Most deprived7346037.028.22735.8212.215.98.495.1% (0–95.1%)8180.24
Total664795790.4614.413525.053.76.6-98.1% (0–98.1%)14411.08
  • LSOA, Lower super output area.