Table 2

Drownings in New Zealand 1977–92. Distribution of “other” drownings by common three digit E codes

Assigned E codesFrequency (%)
E816 Motor vehicle traffic accident due to loss of control, without collision on the highway220 (53.9)
E815 Other motor vehicle traffic accident involving collision on the highway31 (7.6)
E957 Suicide and self inflicted injuries by jumping from a high place22 (5.4)
E825 Other motor vehicle non-traffic accident of other and unspecified nature14 (3.4)
E838 Other and unspecified water transport11 (2.7)
E884 Other fall from one level to another11 (2.7)
E841 Accident to powered aircraft, other, and unspecified10 (2.5)
Miscellaneous (none greater than n=9)89 (21.8)
Total408 (100.0)