Table 1

Drownings in New Zealand 1977–92. Distribution of cases identified by electronic search on the word “drown” according to assigned E codes

Assigned E codesFrequency (%)
Drowning codes
    E830 Accident to watercraft causing submersion412 (17.8)
    E832 Other accidental submersion or drowning in water transport accident9 (4.3)
    E910 Accidental drowning and submersion1024 (44.1)
    E954 Suicide and self inflicted injury by submersion (drowning)277 (11.0)
    E964 Assault by submersion (drowning)7 (0.3)
    E984 Submersion (drowning) undetermined whether accidentally or purposely inflicted94 (4.0)
Subtotal1913 (82.4)
Non-drowning codes
    E810–E819 Motor vehicle traffic accidents264 (11.4)
    E820–E825 Motor vehicle non traffic accidents16 (0.7)
    E831, E833–E838 Water transport accidents16 (0.7)
    E840–E848 Air and space transport accidents16 (0.7)
    E880–E888 Accidental falls19 (0.8)
    E900–E909 Accidents due to natural and environmental factors12 (0.5)
    E950–E953, E955–E959 Suicide and self inflicted injury30 (1.3)
    Others35 (1.5)
Subtotal408 (17.6)
Total2321 (100.0)