Table 3

Self reported safety practices among families using, and those not using babywalkers

Safety practiceFamilies using walker (%)Families not using walker (%)Significance
*Families without a gas, electric, or open fire were excluded from the analysis of fireguard use. Families without stairs were excluded from the analysis of stair gate use.
Uses duvet in baby's bed413 (51.5)263 (33.9)χ2 = 49.6, 1df, p<0.001
Uses pillow in baby's bed143 (17.8) 59 (7.8)χ2 = 37.0, 1df, p<0.001
Uses dummy on string round baby's neck151 (18.8) 99 (12.8)χ2 = 10.8, 1df, p=0.001
Does not use stair gate*117(14.6) 86 (11.1)χ2 = 4.36, 1df, p=0.037
Does not use fireguard*162 (20.2)118 (15.2)χ2 = 6.80, 1df, p=0.009
Drinks hot drinks while holding baby233 (29.0)359 (46.1)χ2 = 49.5, 1df, p<0.001
Reports leaving baby alone on high surface 99 (12.3)129 (16.6)χ2 = 5.89, 1df, p=0.015