Table 4

Changes in safe cycling behavior, knowledge, and attitudes from baseline to follow up

Behavior, knowledge, and attitudesRelative risk*(follow up v baseline)95% confidence interval
Straight line riding1.541.32 to 1.79
Coming to a complete stop0.960.86 to 1.06
Shoulder checking before left turn1.110.07 to 17.38
Bicycle is more like a toy1.980.75 to 5.20
Prefer to ride on sidewalk0.830.70 to 0.99
Move to curb between cars0.720.34 to 1.49
Car has more right to the road0.820.70 to 0.95
Signal before left turn0.990.94 to 1.05
Slow down at stop sign0.940.74 to 1.20
No need for helmet on bike path1.950.90 to 4.20
OK if bike is too big0.790.47 to 1.32
Wear helmet always0.950.85 to 1.05