Table 1

Variables derived from the questionnaire data

• Age• Helmet promotion from:
• Sex    School nurse
• County    Teacher
• School    Youth worker
• Rides a bicycle    Doctor
• Helmet ownership    Police
• Helmet use    Road safety advisor
• Parental encouragement• Attended proficiency course
• Parental helmet use• Beliefs (social consequences):
• Friends wear a helmet    Laughing/teasing
• Closest friend wears a helmet    Less fun to ride
• Time spent riding    Poor appearance
• Riding:• Belief (physical consequences):
    For fun    Can save lives
    To get to school    Protects against injury
    To do a paper round• Beliefs (other):
    For a sporting activity    Helmets cost too much
    To your friend's home    Helmets not comfortable
    For other reasons    Helmet laws are good
• Riding:• Attitude:
    On roads    Rather not ride if have to wear a helmet
    To and from school