Table 5

Number of injuries receiving medical treatment by cause and age at occurrence

No of injuries due to different causes
Burns or scalds due toFractures cuts or bad bruises due to
Age of children when accident occurredLength of exposure (in child months)Spilling hot drinksDomestic firesOther domestic equipmentOther causesAll causesFalls from pram or cotOther causesCuts on sharp edges, etcOther causesAll causesAll* treated injuries
*Twenty cases of injury have been omitted from this table, eighteen because their causes were unknown, and two because the ages at the time of the accidents were not fully recorded.
Before sitting up3063613241031414
Sitting, not yet walking330439106530912352959
Already walking:
    Up to 16 months122342381243827914588
    17–20 months17725124123315411556697
    21–26 months1849081972361231444278
All ages11212853443914150261034116186336