Table 1

Instructions and repetitions for the exercises of The11

1. The benchHead, shoulders, back, and hips in a straight line, parallel to the ground. Elbows directly under the shoulders. Lift one leg a few centimetres off the ground.Hold the position for 15 s. Repeat twice for each leg.
2. Sideways benchUpper shoulder, hip, and upper leg in a straight line parallel to the ground. Elbow directly under the shoulders. From above, shoulders, elbow, hips, and both knees are in a straight line. Don't drop the hips.Hold the position for 15 s. Repeat twice for each side.
3. HamstringsAnkles pinned firmly to the ground by a partner. Slowly lean forward keeping upper body and hips straight. Keep thighs, hips, and upper body in a straight line. Try to hold this straight body alignment, using the hamstrings, for as long as possible, then control your fall.Repeat 5 times.
4. Cross country skiingFlex and extend the knee of the supporting leg and swing the arms in opposite directions in the same rhythm. On extension, never lock the knee, and don't let it buckle inwards. Keep pelvis and upper body stable and facing forwards. Keep pelvis horizontal and don't let it tilt to the side. Flex and extend each leg.15 times on each leg.
5. Chest-passing in single-leg stanceKeep knees and hips slightly bent. Keep weight only on the ball of the foot, or lift heel from the ground. From the front, hip, knee, and foot of the supporting leg should be in a straight line. Throw a ball back and forth with a partner.10 times on each leg.
6. Forward bend in single-leg stanceAs for Exercise 5, but before throwing it back, touch the ball to the ground without putting weight on it. Always keep knee slightly bent and don't let it buckle inwards.10 throws on each leg.
7. Figures-of-eight in single-leg stanceAs for Exercise 5 but before throwing it back, swing the ball in a figure-of-eight through and around both legs: first around the supporting leg with the upper body leaning forward, and then around the other leg, standing as upright as possible. Always keep knee slightly bent and don't let it buckle inwards.10 throws on each leg.
8. Jumps over a lineJump with both feet, sideways over a line and back, as quickly as possible. Land softly on the balls of both feet with slightly bent knees. Don't let knees buckle inwards.Repeat side-to-side 10 times and then forwards–backwards 10 times.
9. Zigzag shuffleBend knees and hips so upper body leans substantially forward. One shoulder should always point in the direction of movement. Shuffle sideways through the zigzag course as fast as possible. Always take off and land on the balls of the feet. Don't let knees buckle inwards.Complete course twice.
10. BoundingBring the knee of the trailing leg up as high as possible and bend the opposite arm in front of the body when bounding. Land softly on the ball of the foot with a slightly bent knee. Don't let knee buckle inwards during take-off or landing.Cover 30 m twice.