Table 1

Comparison of completed and attempted interviews

Completed interviews (%)All attempted interviews (%)
(a) Social class
Interviews with wives of:
    Professional and salaried workers18.920.0
    Black-coated wage earners25.625.7
    Manual workers41.140.1
    Agricultural workers10.510.4
    Men in other occupations 3.9 3.8
    Total100.0 (4848)100.0 (5380)
(b) Birth order
Interviews with women of the following parities:
    Second and third46.145.5
    Fourth and higher14.714.2
    Unknown 0.2 0.2
    Total100.0 (4848)100.1 (5380)
(c) Age of mother
Interviews with mothers aged:
    Up to 24 years21.422.4
    25–34 years56.656.4
    Over 34 years21.720.9
    Unknown 0.3 0.4
    Total100.0 (4848)100.1 (5380)
(d) Country
Interviews in:
    England and Wales87.587.6
    Total100.0 (4848)99.9 (5380)