Table 2

Participants and prompts

Qualitative methodsParticipantsPrompts for FGDs and in-depth interviews
Areas of discussionPrompts used
FGDs1. Parents of 1–4-year-old children (one group of mothers and one group of fathers, comprised of 10 and 8 participants, respectively)Drowning-safe homes Community crèche
  • Importance of safe homes

  • Opinions and challenges of safe home activities

  • Suggestions for improvement of safe home activities

  • Crèche concepts and benefits of mothers and children

  • Child attitudes towards crèches

  • Suggestions for improvement of crèche activities

  • Benefits of village committees

2. Village committee members (one committee comprised of 11 members, 7 men and 4 women)
3. Attendees of the courtyard meeting (8 participants, 3 men and 5 womenCourtyard meeting
  • Importance of the meeting

4. Attendees of the social autopsy meeting (10 participants, 6 men and 4 women)Social autopsy meeting
  • Benefits of social autopsy meeting

5. Community volunteers for basic first response (one group comprised of 10 members, 5 men and 5 women)First response
  • Importance and quality of the first response training

In-depth interviews1. Community workers (4 women)Drowning-safe homes
  • Success and challenges of safe home programme

  • Community workers' benefit

2. Community crèche caregivers (4 women)Community crèche
  • Crèche caregivers opinion and suggestions

  • FGD, focus group discussion.