Table 1

WHO criteria for a safe community

1. The existence of a cross sectorial group responsible for injury prevention
2. Involvement of the local community network
3. A programme covering all ages, environments, and situations
4. The programme must show concern for high risk groups and high risk environments and aim at particularly ensuring justice for vulnerable groups
5. Those responsible must be able to document the frequency and causes of injuries
6. The programme must be a long term programme rather than a short term project
The community must also undertake to:
1. Utilise appropriate indicators to evaluate process and the effects of change
2. Analyse the community's organisations and their possibility of participation in the programme
3. Involve the health care organisation in both registration of injuries and the prevention programme
4. Be prepared to involve all levels of the community in solving the injury problem
5. Disseminate experiences both nationally and internationally
6. Be prepared to contribute to a strong network of safe communities