Table 2

Univariate associations between baseline characteristics and gun ownership

CharacteristicCrude OR*95% CIp Value
* The odds of owning a gun among households with the characteristic compared with the odds of owning among those without that characteristic. For continuous characteristics (for example age of respondent), the OR is the change in odds of ownership associated with a one unit (for example one year) increase in the characteristic.
Age of respondent (years)1.041.02 to 1.06<0.001
Age of youngest child (years)1.061.01 to 1.100.01
No of residents1.010.92 to 1.110.8
No of children0.840.74 to 0.960.01
At least one adult male in the home5.103.26 to 7.97<0.001
Someone who lives in the home has been shot1.290.65 to 2.560.5
Visitors come to the home with guns4.001.89 to 8.47<0.001